Hiring: Tantric Video Producer



We envision an organized individual with experience in video production and an enthusiasm for gay tantra. We are creating a new genre of gay erotic video content visualizing connection, ecstasy and joy. This individual will be involved in every stage of producing professional-quality gay, erotic tantric content on a quarterly basis including brainstorming concepts, working on scripts and storyboards, building budgets, hiring talent and crew, booking travel, renting equipment, reviewing rough cuts, distributing finalized videos and analyzing results.

This individual will also manage the subscription-based website through which the professional-quality videos are distributed. This role includes resolving customer service issues and ensuring that payments, refunds, etc., are processed in a timely manner.

In addition to the quarterly professional shoots, this individual will also produce ongoing tantric-themed content for the website’s YouTube channel. As such, ability to edit engaging YouTube videos and work closely for direction is a huge plus.

Job is initially part time, but may evolve into a full time position. Looking for a US or Canada-based candidate.

Job responsibilities to include:

  • Coordinate professional-quality tantric videos
  • Scout locations for quarterly shoots
  • Produce shoot with director and crew
  • Work with tantric coach and creative team to brainstorm concepts
  • Script, storyboard, budget, allocate resources and set deadlines
  • Select and hire additional crew and talent; direct and coach talent; make transportation arrangements for crew, talent and equipment
  • Rent equipment
  • Willingness to support production at all levels

Manage subscription-based tantric website:

  • Manage content library and upload new videos to website
  • Organize live show schedule for tantric classes
  • Update blog content
  • Resolve customer-support inquiries
  • Update website’s social media channels and generate social media content
  • Contribute to and implement various aspects of website’s marketing strategy

Produce YouTube-quality tantric videos:

  • Work with tantric coach and creative team to brainstorm concepts and create video scripts
  • Ability to edit YouTube-quality videos a huge plus
  • Coordinate and communicate YouTube content with talent
  • Upload video content to YouTube channel


  • Two years of video production experience and/or film degree
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with LGBTQ+ culture
  • Interest in tantra/erotica
  • Video editing skills a plus

Submit resume and cover letter to davey@daveywavey.tv.

Who Is Davey Wavey

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